Student Testimonials

With both the soft knowledge and the hard technical skills that I learned from this course, I will be better suited to accomplish my professional goals. This is because I now not only have the skills to design a brand or user interface, but I also am knowledgeable about the entire process and how to work with others throughout each step. To conclude, I really enjoyed this course; I would like you guys to know that, though this course moves fast, it felt like one of the most informational and valuable classes I have taken in college.

NMIX 4011: NMIX 4011E: New Media Design
Reflective Course Summary 
Summer 2022

I never would have thought that I would enjoy learning how to make AR filters or even be able to, but through this project, I got to learn all about AR and wound up absolutely loving it so much.

NMIX 4510: New Media Capstone
Reflective Course Summary 
Fall 2022
Anonymous Evaluations

Leah Moss taught me everything I know about website design, which is the reason why I was able to get a job as a full-time Digital Designer starting next month. Literally owe my career to her. 

This class (New Media Design) helped me get into UX. Learning about the history and ethics was great! I enjoyed the projects we did.

Leah’s energy was really infectious. It was a joy to watch her, because I knew coming out of any of the lectures I was going to be left inspired. 

“What did you like most about this course (New Media Design)?” Everything.