Student Work: UX Research

Fall 2021: Emerging Media Interaction Design and Usability

Freddy the Thingbug

Follow along with Freddy the Thingbug on his quest to find what makes him special!

As an instructor, I worked with the creator of Freddy, Lindsay Robinson, to develop a comprehensive design system and UX research plan. Freddy is an example of one of many Emerging Media Masters Capstone projects.

Freddy the Thingbug, a round, happy-looking bug with big eyes and a smile. Freddy is shown on an iPad.

Fall 2021: Emerging Media Interaction Design and Usability

Historic Athens

Historic Athens, a local historic preservation
and conservation organization, seeks to engage residents and visitors alike by
providing broad access to local history. The Historic Athens App for iOS, a
mobile app designed to compliment Historic Athens’ programming and
events, bridges the knowledge gap between community members and local

Olivia Sprott, Meghan Telling, and Dakota Werner, Emerging Media Masters students, teamed up with a local nonprofit, Historic Athens, to create a mobile experience. I helped guide the team in creating a UX research plan.