Email Marketing

Below are newsletters created for the University of Georgia’s New Media Institute. These newsletters are sent to approximately 3,500+ alumni, industry allies, and campus partners. Newsletters reach an above-industry-average open rate and click rate. Since I’ve taken over the newsletter, our open rate has increased by 7% on average.

Here’s one of my favorites—our special Halloween edition.

And I manage outreach campaigns aimed at recruitment.





UGA Public Service and Outreach

Prior to joining the New Media Institute, I worked at the UGA Office of Public Service and Outreach. Below are newsletters sent to UGA faculty and staff, state of Georgia legislatures, chambers of commerce, and other public service professionals.

Newsletter Redesign

I redesigned the newsletter to match the University of Georiga’s updated brand style guide; be more in line with current UX practices; and emphasis UGA’s commitment to rural communities.