Hello there!

I’m a designereducator, and user advocate at Western Kentucky University.

As an Assistant Professor of User Experience (UX) Design, I bridge the gap between UX design and education.

Leah Moss


Western Kentucky University
  • ART 243 Digital Media
  • UX 220 Intro to UX Design

University of Georgia
  • JRMC 7013: User Experience Strategy
  • NMIX 4011/6011: New Media Design
  • And many more!


I’m a transdisplinary scholar studying the intersection of design, technology, and people. I’m interested in AI, XR, digital communities, design education, universal design, to name a few.

  • WKU XR Lab
  • SunSketcher™️
  • IDEA Lab (proposed)


  • University: PCAL Research and Writing Group
  • College: PCAL Student Engagement and Success Committee
  • Departmental: Recruitment & Retention Committee; UX Curriculum Committee